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What dose of MS Contin is equal to fentanyl 100 mcg? Or another opioid. Trying to get off patch?

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kaismama 18 May 2014

It would be equal to 180mg of morphine a day.

Winnie87 18 May 2014

Is this a viable solution to switching off the patch? And then, I want to wean down.

Winnie87 18 May 2014

I am on 100mcg of Fentynal patch. My doctor does not 'know how' to wean me off. It's been almost 8 years. I don't like being on such a strong medicine. I want to be on pill form so I can slowly wean off. Thanks

Stephen Treloar 4 Jun 2014

I'm wondering, Winnie, what your ultimate goal is? Is it just dose reduction to a lower level of analgesia or is your goal tapering off slowly (with morphine sulfate) with quitting as your aim? The problem with pills is the short duration of action that leads to fluctuations in blood plasma levels over every 24 hour period rather than over ~ 3 days for a fentanyl patch with a peak (@ 24 -36 hrs)

Fentanyl dose reduction is fairly straightforward. If your insurance allows you would go from a 100 (microgram/hour) patch to a 50 and a 25 (total 75) for 2 weeks to a month and then use 50's for another 2 weeks to a month; then 25's and finally the 12.5's then finish if that is your goal (100 - 75 - 50 - 25 - 12.5). In this case I am suggesting a progressive reduction starting at 25% of your dose and as the dose gets smaller the reduction percentage rises. Some doctors will start with a straight 50% reduction 100 - 50 - 25 -12.5 which I believe is too difficult for most people to manage successfully. free discount card

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