I started taking lamotragine a little over a month ago and was instructed to slowly work up to 100mg which I did .. (Having super weird side effects along the way) dry mouth, heightened senses, overall unease only lasted a day every time I stepped up.. Anyway.. I pushed through it and I feel better. When I got to 100mgs I was still having some rapidly changing moods, so I decided to try 200 because that is what most people seem to take as a minimum dose. I am well aware that the most common answer would be to consult my doctor but he is a psychologist and I see him for like 15 minutes every couple months. I am very aware of my body and my moods. My question is, how do you know when you have hit your right dose. I can't find any info about what the side effects are of taking too much. Any input would be greatly appreciated !!!