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Dose ketamine give long lasting pain relief?

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mpvt 23 Mar 2010

Not unless you are in the hospital. This is an extremely dangerous drug to use outside of a hospital or dentist office (refer to Micheal Jackson's death).

Ketamine has a wide range of effects in humans, including analgesia, anesthesia, hallucinations, elevated blood pressure, and bronchodilation.[citation needed] Ketamine is primarily used for the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia, usually in combination with some sedative drug. Other uses include sedation in intensive care, analgesia (particularly in emergency medicine), and treatment of bronchospasm. It is also a popular anesthetic in veterinary medicine.

As you can see it is not a drug like vicodin that you can play around with. Be careful and stay away from this shit... Good luck...

wpetep 6 Apr 2010

Been using is since 1995 weekly as an IV drip for pain and nuerological disorder except for a 1 year time frame in which we used Namenda until the body would no longer react to the Namenda then it was back to the Ketamine. But the above individual is correct, it is very dangerous if not used properly and depending on the pain level it only lasts about 7 to 9 days at a specific drip rate and volumn. Through experimenting we have found the dosage and drip rate that will allow 7 to 9 days relief of symptoms before neeeding another dosage.

surreal 18 Sep 2015

this med has nothing to do with MJ! and if you use the topical compound you don't have any of the side effects. I've been using it for a couple of years and it's great!

Nigele69 22 Jan 2016

I take 50mg of ketamine every 2 hours with amitriptyline 250mg per day for nerve pain.
It is the only combination which keep my pain levels to 5-7 whereas before the pain was of the chart

cherie1957 18 May 2010

I have been on ketamine for a 1 1/2 years. I go into the hospital every 30 days for a IV infusion. Before ketamine I wanted to kill myself. I know that the treatments saved my life. They gave me hope . I have had Degenerative Disc Disease for 8 years. I was in consent pain 24/7 before ketamine now it is 50/50 per month. Sometimes it better, sometimes it not. Everybody is different. I wear a pain patch along with the treatments and take methadone for the pain when it gets really bad. Before ketamine I was on so many drugs, I didn't get out of bed and half the time didn't know where I was. That went on for 6 1/2 years. I had no life at all. At least now I'm I am better with the ketamine and don't want to stop it. Are you are ketamine? I hope this helps you a little. If you have more question, just write. Cherie

rhfries 21 Mar 2011

I read your comments,and as it turn out I have the same degenerative disc disease, in addition to other arthritic issues. Frankly I am scared after reading some of the comments re:Ketamine. I have been on fentanyl,dilaudid,oxycodone and oxymorphone,all of which have "worn off"for the lack of a better phrase.My Dr.has now written me a rx for ketamine and you seem to be one of few that do not have a negetive response to it.Do you have any negetive side effects or problems with dosages?
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