I have been trying to work out my medication for months. Started Effexor xr 37.5 for a week back in April then went to 75 for 6 weeks no change, then upped to 112.5 mg for a week and was worse so doc changed to 112.5 one day then 75mg the next day. After 1 month I felt a little brighter and could manage a smile but still not right so went to 112.5 every day have been on that now for 2 months and I had 2 weeks where I felt quite good but now it has all gone downhill again – I have no interest in doing things and am self-doubting again wondering if I should give it more time or go up on the dose again to 150mg. Feeling scared I will never get better. I don’t like to go up as it makes my symptoms worse for a while. But I really need to do something this is so upsetting and frustrating. Should I be hoping for full remission of symptoms on medication? Please I would be grateful for any guidance.