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Dose any one know what is cousing pain above the bellybutton and goes around to the back?

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Anonymous 8 Feb 2012

Could be a hernia or somthing to that effect. Should be checked out by a doctor for sure...

DzooBaby 8 Feb 2012

If it is above the belly button, to the right side, near the rib cage it could be gallbladder, liver or pancreas or as Mary mentioned hernia could cause belly pain. In any event, you should get your Dr to look into it and see what is causing the problem. It could be as simple as heartburn or it could also be ulcer pain. There are many, many things that could cause pain in that area and only your Dr can rule them out. Call your Dr for an appt as soon as possible. If it gets severe and unbearable, in the meantime, go on into the ER for evaluation.

Anonymous 8 Feb 2012

Hello sanchez81. I agree with whats been said, but would add not to delay, just get it looked/checked out by a doctor. Better to be on the side of caution. Wishing you good health and wishes,pledge free discount card

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