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Dose 50 mg of amitriptyline good for severe anxiety?

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Inactive 25 Apr 2017

I think so. And it has good reviews for anxiety.
Best wishes. xx

Inactive 26 Apr 2017

That should read.
I, think so.

chuck1957 25 Apr 2017

Leen90; Yes this is a good dose for severe anxiety and has always been very effective plus this medication has been around for so many years and still used a lot. And that is the dose that was the most common. Plus you don't have to worry if needed later the doctor can always Increase it if needed.One thing unless you are taking it more like as needed which is not as effective it is good to keep a blood level so to do that it is a good Idea to try and take it close to the same time each day.Unless of course, your doctor said differently. Just a little warning when you first start this the first day or two some of us it may feel like we are very sedated and real tired the next day not to worry about this goes away once you are on it for a week or so. Also, this is one of the medications that if you're a sun lover you do have to put on a sunscreen if you're going to be out for long periods or you may burn. hope this does it for you free discount card

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