I have a question about dosage rates for wellbutrin. I was on celexa for a year at 40 mg for depression & anxiety. At first it was amazing, but then it felt like it wasn't really helping me anymore and it had made me gain a LOT of weight while I was on it. I went to see my dr. about switching to something else and it turned out that she was on maternity leave and i had to see someone new. I could tell that the new dr. seemed really skeptical of antidepressants in general. She switched me to wellbutrin at 100 mg. a day. I'm off the celexa for a month now and have been taking the wellbutrin for three weeks. At first I noticed a difference that I had a lot more energy and could complete day to day tasks much easier (I washed my hair! A+ gold star!) but it's so subtle that I don't really notice anything at all now. I started trying to research dosages, and if I understand correctly, she put me on a REALLY low dosage rate. Is that correct? I think I would do much better somewhere in the medium-high range, but I'd like to educate myself a little better before I talk with the dr. again