I've had a mild to medium skin infection affecting my entire body at one time or another/spreads easily (including my: face, scalp, ear lobes, neck, chest, shoulders... my arms & legs get it the worst, specifically my forearms & thighs at the moment but overall it's most persistent on my upper arms, calves & face). The areas it NEVER appears are my: back, butt, private area, hands & feet. I don't have insurance at the moment, but was able to buy 500mg Cephalexin and after researching quite a bit, I think if I take 2x daily (1x am & 1x pm) for 7 days (equals 14 ~ 500mg capsules over 1 week), it should clear this up. My questions are: a) Should I take 4x (2x am/2x pm) on the 1st day as many scripts will ask for a large 1st dose w/antibiotics? b) Since my infection is persistent (consistently recurring for 18 months now!!! ) do I need to continue treatment for longer than 7 days? Please help me get the proper dosage by responding with your experiences. I'm in my early 30's, white non-hispanic, female, 5'6" & 120 lbs and my only known allergy is Minocin. Thanks in advance!