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Dors lexapro help ocd as well as anxiety?

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cherrrub 3 Jan 2016

I would say yes - somewhat. It's cured my anxiety and also pretty much cured my emetophobia so it Could very well do the same thing for your OCD. How much are you on? I found for anxiety, it generally needs to be upped a little higher than for depression. I take 15mg.

cudduth6 3 Jan 2016

Ty for answering my question. I watched my mother take an antidepressant my whole life. I have had OCD and panic attacks since I was probably 15 I have been put on numerous things that has not worked. Finally my doctor put me on this Lexapro 10 milligrams before I go to bed I've been looking at the bottle for 3 days trying to decide if I should try it or not never been a fan of antidepressants never seen to help my mother but all the positive feedback that I have read on here. It really makes me want to give it a try. My OCD has begin to take over to a degree i had an experienced until now so I guess I want to give this a try thank you so much.

cherrrub 3 Jan 2016

Good for you! Just remember though, you may get worse before you get better. You may also get side effects. All this goes away. It takes around 6 weeks to start working so hang in there. Also, you may need to increase your dose after 8 weeks.

blaaccypher 5 Jan 2016

Have you started taking it yet. Please update. A lot of us are in the same boat and are all willing to be supportive and need support free discount card

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