Hi, the tumor board is saying that if I take door ONE that I'd add 10 fairly pleasant years to my life. To enter this door, Have the right side of my face cut out including the bones. Wait and see if any more cancers come up, maybe 3 surgeries in a year. Then wait almost a year for a prosthetic face; be fed through a stomach stent for the rest of my life. I'd have to cut my hair off to keep the wound from being contaminated. The cancer will probably come back in about 10 year and I could have more surgery and maybe chemo. Door TWO: about 5 years-hair shaved off. Prescription creams for my face-then I'll be begging for surgery. My grandson went with me. It didn't dawn on me to ask if one surgery took care of the problem or would there be more. He told me to look at the big picture. The only time I let a doctor bully me into thinking of down the line, I was poisoned by statin and told that I'll seem OK-but my kidneys will probably fail in 5 years. I told the doctor that no one can say this or that happen in 5 or 10 years. I could out live him. Would you choose dor 1 or door 2?