im a 40 yr old male and i suffer from buldging disks, herniated disks, severe bone spurring all in my c-spine and low back as well. the neck also flares up and gives me migrain type headaches thats just way out of control, i vomit, go into a severe panic attack, and been in shock over the pain several times. everything is documented with several mri's and doctors reports. i currently see a pain doctor, ive been seeing him for over 2 yrs, and i get two 4 mg zanaflex a day which helps very little, and i get four percocet 10 mg a day which helps some but not for very long. i have gotten epidural shots, several in fact plus the radiofrequency procedure several times. ive seen neurosurgeons and they have mentioned wanting to do discotomies and fusions and want to remove the spurs, especially in my neck cause they are growing inward toward my leftward bilateral recess, whatever that means. but where i smoke they are very hesitant to do all that work on me saying i might not do well under the anestesia. i talk to my pain doctor about all this and tell him my concerns, call him when im in severe pain to see if i can get an emergency epidural shot to elevate the pain, and tell him the meds im taking just isnt doing the job at least not for very long at all. i get ignore, and i might get a return phone call 3 to 4 days after me calling him for the epidural shots in the emergency situations. this last month or so ive been having constant headaches that wont go away and i called him and got a return phone call 3 days later and they didnt get me in to get an epidural shot for the pain for 3 and a half weeks later. i laid at my house in severe pain and they never got me in for over a month. a little unreasonable i think. ive never failed a pill count or a urine test, EVER, i was even gone on a trip to my cousins place for 4 days in a city thats 3 hours away and got a call to be pill counted i had to bum a ride with my cousin, have him drive me one hour to the nearest pharmacy, putting him out, and do a pill count, even when i told my nurse i didnt bring them all with me in case i forget them or loose them ill have some at home. so not only did i do a count there on my little 4 day vacation, i had to do another one the very morning i got home which i did. ive kept up my end of the contract, done everything that was asked of me, passed all my counts and urine test but when i need them they blow me off. when i go see him face to face i tell him im tired taking so many meds, there has got to be something he can give me that gives me longer relief, and i should get something for the break through pain when i have my episodes with my neck and head. he tells me to go to the emergency room when i need break through pain relief. i have never heard of that? didnt think pain drs want their patients going to the er getting pain shots, but he even went as far as writing me a letter for the er stating to treat me for break through pain. i dont want to go to the er and keep getting all that medicine they give me. last time i went i was given 2 morphine shots, one dilauted shot, one demerol shot, one reglan shot and 2 valium for the severe anxiety attack i was having. they are gonna end up hurting me or killing me. im no doctor but that cant be good for you and it happens everytime i go to er. alot of times i cant get a ride to er, and when i do get a ride im always worried about catching something like the flu or some other sickness that the others there in the waiting room may have. i told my pain doctor this and he just blew mw off. what can i do? i come home from the er so sick, throwing up, dizzy, cold and clammy feeling and i tell my doctor this and he does nothing. i express to him i dont want all that medicine courseing through me, i cant even get a ride alot of the time to the er so i end up laying in severe pain, vomiting all night and i risk catching something while im in the waiting area. someone please give me some advice. like i said im currently seeking a neurologist and neurosurgeon that will do some king of procedure to elevate my pain, but untill the i need a better pain management regime to deal with the chronic, sever pain i stay in. my whole goal before i went to this pain dr is to not have to take anything especially narcotic pain meds but right now im caught between a rock and a hard place. there has got to be a way for me to get a longer lasting pain medicine where im not taking so many of the percocet 10's a day,which is short term relief anyway, and something he can give me for the breakthrough pain besides going to the er. anyone got any suggestions for me please