My husband asked me to stop talking about this diease too him. I feel so bad that I was given this diease and although, he hasn't shown positive for it, he will one of these days and I was expressing my apologies for giving him this gift that keeps giving and maybe one day kill him. I know for a fact how I contracted this diease now. My late husband gave it too me ( I'm guessing 33 years ago. I found out through my former sister-n-law, that her brother was sick with it during his first marriage. I was never told. Ever! We even had a child together. Now I am wondering if it could be passed during conception and child birth? As far as, my current and only husband, I guess I will never say another word to him about this diease. It is so new to me and knowing that I have to start treatment asap I need someone too talk to. Eventually, I will get off my pitty pot when the rings around my *** hurt long enough. lol. I am trying to hang onto some sense of humor. Thanks for reading and responding.