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Has Donnatal and/or Belladonna been taken off the market?

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heatheraltrock 4 Aug 2013

Belladona and opium suppositories still exist. They have to be ordered from England by your pharmacy. I go to Walgreen's. However, the syrup you take orally has been off the market for many years.

heatheraltrock 4 Aug 2013

The syrup has been off the market for many years. You can get suppositories containing opium and belladon. Your pharmacy has to order them from England.

annvise 29 Aug 2013

My understanding is that generic donnatal was pulled from shelf by the FDA because of issues they had with the testing of it. You can still get the non-generic but most discount pharmacies do not carry it since it is so expensive. The elixir of Donnatal is still available but expensive. I have been taking it for 55 years (generic pills). It seems like that it would not now need testing.

Adsh1201 6 Dec 2014

Donnatal the brand is available in tablets and elixir/syrup. Concordia Healthcare recently acquired the medication and are putting a lot of support behind it. The generic was removed by the FDA unless/until clinical trials are performed on it. Retail Pharmacy access is improving on the brand. Most pharmacies that do not have it on hand can get it in from their hub in a days time. A mail order specialty pharmacy was put in place just for supplying Donnatal nationwide. Physicians just need to fax in the Donnatal Perscriber Form with the patients insurance card. The Pharmacy will do pre-authorizations. There are also RX coupons available for Donnatal to greatly reduce any potentially high co-pays. free discount card

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