Hello. So I have been weaning off of 1.5 mg of Klonopin for the last couple months. Going down in .5 mg every 2 weeks. It has definitely been interesting. The first couple weeks were a nightmare, especially the 2nd. After that, it didn't seem to bad too bad. The withdrawals weren't really bothering me much at all. So I'm on the home stretch (hallelujah!), which is great; but now I'm down to taking .5 mg once in the morning, and have been feeling pretty bad ever since I started that. Has anyone had a similar experience? This is the first time I haven't taken it twice a day for a couple years or so. I forgot to mention that. I've been on Klonopin and Duloxetine for 2 years or so. Anyone who's had similar experiences, did the last couple weeks seem to be like the first couple? I know I'm not gonna feel normal overnight, since i was on it for so long. I've read that there are symptoms even after you're completely done weaning off of it since you're body has grown accustomed to it. It would just be nice to hear that this is a common thing, these last couple weeks being not so great.

On the plus side, I'm glad to be almost done with it, and I know I'll be ok. Like I said, I was fine for a couple of those drops in dosage, I just think the dropping down to only taking it once a day, and it only being .5 mg. Any info or answers are very much appreciated!! I don't want other people to have gone through this, but I'm sure others have, and sometimes it helps to see that you're not the only one. Thanks!!