I have complex sleep apnea. I am 100% compliment w/ my cpap, still feel very fatigued during the day, was prescribed Nuvigil and experienced all side effects and then some: dizziness, almost stupor/intense confusion, sense of vulnerability, difficulty focusing. I felt as stoned as stoned can be. I could stare at a white wall forever. Very fatigued. I had to leave work to go home (today again) and take a nap. Practically like as if I had taken the opposite of a stimulant. Plus, chest weirdness/pressure, a general sense of unwellness, like being poisoned. Needless to say, on day 5, I am VERY disappointed. I read that Provigil is practically Nuvigil or worse which does not leave me much hope. Has anyone out there done horribly on Nuvigil but well on Provigil? thank you in advance for your time