Ok. I’m so done. I have to give into patience. Serious life changes going on but I’m on my feet single mom and start a job in one day. Haven’t had a job lasting longer than 2 months in 8 years. Dealing with deadbeat dad I NEED TO let go of all wrong he has done me and my 13 yr old son. I was mess seeing my children two weekends a month no income all help from my mom. Taking benzos irresponsibly , withdrawals and 5 years of nothing. I’m a 36 year old female, I need to be thankful I don’t look it and let these meds do there thing so I can me. I’m taking 80 mgs Prozac brand name and 100 mg brand name Pristiq. Both were working wonderfully till waited to generic Prozac. My goodness I was out all day running errands getting things done. I was so happy and thankful, so much I had to keep anxiety from getting bad. I was was afraid of well I was feeling ITS OK TO BE OK MONICA. Is what I kept telling myself. My question is I’m on lowest dose benzo ever been on 0.25 Xanax 3 times a day. (Been about a week) Only been back on my BRAND NAME PROZAC two days after being on a generic for 1 1/2 weeks.
Valium 20 mg a day Dr stopped that to do the .25 mg Xanax. 3 times a day.
Pristiq is amazing for my crippling anxiety.
For once in my life I can do anything, I have my son, child support will start soon, and my job and School. My goodness guys I’m venting here. I guess my question is, is this me getting better in a sense I realize I need to let go of past?DO I Let the meds ( now fixed from generic ) do job and NOT INCREASE BENZOS??? Sleep is so important, I can’t sleep.

Pristiq 100 mg at night
Xanax .25 a day from Valium 20 mg day ( for 5 days )
Back to Amazing Brand name PROZAC 80mg only been three day from trying generic that messed up everything I think . I don’t want to be in the fog again with benzos. Any advice??