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My dog had a hip replacement.can I give him ultram.ER for pain?he weighs 60 lbs ???

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bestpup 26 Jun 2017

To Sebesto
From bestpup
Honestly, I have never heard of a dog getting a "hip replacement"
However, if your dog did in fact get a hip replacement then it's up to the veterinarian to prescribe the pain medication.
Pain medications are prescribed differently when it comes to dogs. For example dogs do not take Tylenol and other heavy duty pain medications for fear it can slow they're breathing down and shut down there kidneys.
Usually, if a dog has had a serious operation they will put a pain patch on the dog's belly.
Other more common Pain meds prescribe for dogs are Rimadril other wise known as Carprofen. Both of which are (NSAIDS) medications.
Sometimes the vet will prescribe Tramadol as well.
Whatever you do don't use human prescriptions without speaking with a vet first.
Good luck

ChrisMDe 27 Jun 2017

No. You should only medicate through consultation with your veterinarian. free discount card

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