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My dog ate half a tube of neosporene about 6 hours ago . Will she be ok ? She is about 55 lbs?

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kathyhanson 2 Apr 2013

I don't know how dogs react to neosporin, but I will assume the reactions are similar to humans. If ingested by a human, neosporin can cause hearing loss as well as many other symptoms. I'm sure there is an emergency veterinary hospital near you. My best advice is to call them and ask. If a human were to ingest neosporin, poison control would be the first call. Is your dog displaying any adverse reactions? Type Neosporin into the search box above and you can check all of the side effects and possible effects of ingestion. I truly hope your dog will be OK. I love animals.

kaismama 2 Apr 2013

Call your vet. There is a pet poison control but they will charge for the call. The number is 800-213-6680. free discount card

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