Hey guys, quick background. I have been on 20mg of Lexapro for several years and a year ago my psychiatrist stopped my Klonopin, Ambien, and increased my trazodone to 100mg. I've been sleeping but not through the night. I also suffer from chronic pain and nerve damage to a leg. Anyways, since that switch-up I've been remembering very vivid dreams. However, the sexual side effects such, but my anger is very controlled. Well, went into the VA and seen a new doctor. He said he wasn't good with my sexual side effect so he decided to put me on doxepin. 25mg a night first week, then 50mg 2nd week, and then 75mg on. I'm starting my second week (3rd night). Anyways, my anger is way out of check and sleep is non-existent. I've had to take Ambien with it to fall asleep. I'm also having some side effects/issues. Dizziness and lightheaded all the time. Not sure what to do. Keep taking the doxepin, go ahead and increase to 75mg or back to the Lexapro/trazodone combo? I did take one of my Lexapro this morning and plan on calling the VA.