Just recently my Doctor prescribed Methadone for me for chronic back pain, I have 3 specific conditions going on with my back, I have had injections, and seen multiple Doctors for opinions and second opinions (one Doctor said he won't operate and the other said I only have about a 50% chance of being happy after the surgery, personally I need a higher percentage before I have surgeery), gone to physical therapy and the pain clinic, the pain clinic here where I live won't prescribe meds, my Family Doctor has to do that. So after many years on Vicodin, I finallly convinced him to give me Methadone and it works great, I take 30 mg in the morning and it lasts for about 24-36 hours. I didn't want to continue on Vicodin because fo the chance of liver damage, and it never took away all my pain, the Methadone takes all the pain away, I have started having severe hip and knee pain, due to my back, it takes care of the pain from all of that. So, my question is, does your body build up a tolerance to Methadone like it does with Vicodin or Percocet, or will I be able to stay at the doseage he has got me on?