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Does xanax cause permanant damage if heavily abused?

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Anonymous 13 Mar 2011

Could you please add more info to your question? What type of damage are you talking about? Just give a bit more, and we can better help answer your Q.

Anonymous 13 Mar 2011

Yes, but most of it is reversible if the person properly tapers off. Most medications metabolize in the liver and sometimes the pancreas and kidneys, though this does not mean you have liver damage. Xanax, or any benzo for that matter, will cause anxiety and depression if it is taken a long time at higher and higher amounts and coming off a benzo too quickly or improperly can cause seizures. The depression and anxiety should be handled not, only by the prescribing doctor, but a therapist, so that the patient learns to control the anxiety and heal from the depression. If you could be a bit more specific, as to what type of damage or how long and how much xanax was taken, that would be helpful for those attempting to answer. Hit comment please to add details to this post. free discount card

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