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Does Vicodin and Norco show up as the same drug in a blood test? I took a total of 2 7.5 72hr befor?

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Inactive 7 Nov 2011

Yes. Vicodin and Norco both have hydrocodone in them, the only difference is the amount of acetaminophen in them
Norco has 325 mg, Vicodin usually has 500 mg acetaminophen in each caplet. In my experience, it takes longer than 72 hours to completely metabolize and leave your system. Everyone is different.

RRusso 7 Nov 2011

Is there somthing in Norco that can be detected in a Lab Blood test to be able to tell the differance between the 2?

Inactive 7 Nov 2011

Nope ...

RRusso 8 Nov 2011

Well I was kinda worried because that's what I thought to but when I had a full panel urin test done my doctor said specificly that she found norco in my system.But at that time I took it the day befor the test wich I have a prescription for.With a full panel blood test can they tell the diferance between Norco and Vicodin and from me exersising and drinking alot of water and cranberry pills reduce the chance of them finding traces of it in my blood?I only took 2 in a 2 week period.I had left over pain meds from a previous doctor that I paid for and didn't want to turn them in.

RRusso 8 Nov 2011

Any One?

Inactive 8 Nov 2011

Like I said, the narcotic on both is hydrocodone. That's what showed up in your urine drug screen. Don't worry.

Inactive 8 Nov 2011

Or blood panel ...

Inactive 8 Nov 2011

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