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Does ultram more commonly known as tramadol show up in a drug screening?

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kittycatgirl2 10 Jan 2012

I am almost positive it does.

Rajive Goel 10 Jan 2012

Ultram, chemical name "tramadol" is a synthetic narcotic. The consensus is that since the chemical structure of ultram is sufficiently unlike the other opiates that are usually screened, ultram is unlikely to be detected in a routine screening for opiates.

Ultram falls in to the category of analgesic pain relievers known as opioids and not opiates. An opioid by definition is a synthetic drug that has a very similar chemical structure as an opiate but does not metabolize in the body the same as an opiate because it is not derived from the opium poppy plant and therefore will not break down in to the urine as a morphine derivative.

A standard five panel drug test almost always looks for the presence of morphine derivatives in the urine and therefore will not detect Ultram/Tramadol.

There are drug tests that can be given that will detect opioids however but the test has to be substance specific because opioids can metabolize in the body in different ways depending on their chemical makeup.

If you are going to be given a standard "five panel dip stick test" that is done on site and not sent to a lab you will likely not have to worry about opioids such as Ultram/Tramadol.

Please, also do check it with a doc/pharmacist, take care.

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