After reading everything everyone has to say, I am wondering if I will have a problem. Possibly become addicted or have seizures?? You all are making me worry:

I too have been given tramadol, ultram (hydrochloride), whatever you want to call it, for migraines - 50mg little green capsule pills. I would get Ocular migraines caused by stress. They would get to the point I would loose my vision and have to lay down for about a half hour at a time. Then a minor headache would follow sometimes for almost two days non stop. I have now been on this drug for about three months. I can go days taking none (but not usually) or days taking one, and other days taking 2 and sometimes but rarely maybe 3! I get the same "happy" easy going, non worrying, way less stressing out, relaxed feeling from one pill as the first day I ever took one! So I guess everyone is different. Just wanted to say this pill has done wonders for my life and I am thankful for it. (I have not had a headache or Ocular migraine since). Also, FYI - It allows me to focus better on work and just smile and nod easier through out life and the things that get thrown my way! I do not take it about 6-7 hours before I know I will be sleeping because, for me, I can not sleep on it. I just lay there happily and feel good, but cant sleep. Oh and another thing, I had a problem with alcohol and partying and getting into trouble. Now I don't drink except maybe once a week and have no craving to even then. I am also perfectly content staying in on Fri and Sat nights when my friends call and want to go out. I would rather have them over here to just sit and talk or play video games etc... Its not like I am being anti-social. Oh and this drug also seems to help me do the house hold chores. I can clean like a mad man and be happy and have fun doing it. Seems like its a wonder drug huh? Well to me, it is! Thanks for listening - hope this helps someone and if anyone has any advise or precautions for me I am all ears. Thanks again,

Iryna's man~