I been using vicodin, percot, oxy you name it for about a year and it was getting to be a $150 a day habit. I made up my mind that this is it and am not going to do it anymore. I went 2 days so far without anything except tramadol about 8-10 and it seems to helping. I know tramadol is hard to come off as welll but im prescribed this and will tamper off if this works. I'm am having nausea, diarhia, insommia but the tramadol helps with cravings and restless legs. I hope this informations helps others fighting the addiction. Its so aweful and I want my life back. Everything I do was based around that addiction. I couldn't take vacations, i missed out on alot and will not miss anymore. If anyone has anymore input with using tramadol to help against withdrawls please tell. I'll keep you posted. I'm on day two.