I've been married 6 times and a recovering alcoholic, the first time I quit it lasted almost 7 years then I fell with a lot to do with my anxiety, and social phobia (it was during Christmas at the the company meeting out of state) and the year the Towers fell. I have 9 siblings, with me in the middle taking care of 4 children and dealing with Sexual Abuse and Mental Abuse (I would hide myself inside me). I think I have done very well due to my situations. I have spent a lot of years on the road. I've lived in North Carolina near the Outerbanks, Fort Myers Florida, Miami Florida, Hot Springs Arkansas, Slidell Louisiana, Indianapolis Indiana,Cleveland Ohio, then to Cottonport Louisiana. I was learning to drive the big rigs so I got to see more especially Texas which I dislike for the most part.
Right now I'm sober and have been for 2 years, I went into the emergency room and they told me if I waited one more day I would be dead, I had Hepatitis due to alcohol poisoning. They thouht I was 9 months pregnant and I can't have children. The doctor had to suck the fluids out of my stomach with a pretty large tube. I haven't drank since nor do I want to.
I don't go outside except to doctors appointments and even that gets me nervous a couple days before leaving. I have clinical depression (Prozac), I also have severly painful Peripherial Neuropathy (Neuontin) and Amytriptoline for my insomnia and Lower Pain that at times I wish I was dead
cause you don't see a good ending There is a clinic right down the road so I don't have to go very far except for when I have to go to the Free Hospital.
I've been rambling on, what I wanted to know is "How does this site work? I understand the question and answer part. But what if I want to talk to just you without anyone reading it? I haven't been a member very long, I came by it accidentally. I take Vicodin, Propecia, and 2 dfferent types of muscle relaxants I know I should not be taking them but the pain is so intense I would just lay in bed and cry. I hope this tells you a very small part of me. I think a lot of people have been through some of these things. Peggylee