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Does this medicine mess with a male sexual performance?

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Inactive 25 May 2011

I am a man and take this medication and I have never had a problem with it with regards to sexual performance.

As you know all organisms are unique and react to medications (benefits, side effects, interactions,etc.) differently.

I do always check the side effects of the medications I take, and sexual perfomance is not listed as a possible side effect of this medication.

List of possible side effects for future reference:

Take care.

cupcake27 27 May 2011

Thanks for the response it helped alot

Inactive 27 May 2011

No problem, glad I could help.

Take care.

David Cass 13 Dec 2011

Hi Maso, Thank you for the good information. Does this drug help with anxiety? How does this drug make you feel? I was just on the link you provided (Thanks) I found that it may cause impotence, testicular atrophy, lower testosterone levels, low sperm count. I have very high cholesterol levels, this drug may also make all of that even worse. Welbutrin can lower the seizure, it says carbamazepine can increase or induce seizures. I f you can supply any more information I would love it.. Thanks Dave Cass

David Cass 13 Dec 2011

Hi All, I am back!! A brief history, I am bipolar 2. I was on SSRI drugs for 3 years. I changed to Wellbutrin because of the horrible side effects of the SSRI'S. I changed Doctors for different reasons. I need some heavy duty advice. I just came from the Psy Doctor. I Am on Knoplin 3 mgm a Day, Wellbutrin 200mgm Qd, And was using Omega fish oil for a mood stabilizer. I am for the most part OK, Wellbutrin is working, getting back slight sexual sensations, but no real action. I am so far stable. This new Doctor is taking off my Knolpin, and gave me a new medicine "Carbamazepine". It carries a list of effects as long as my arm. Has anyone been on Carbamazepine before? I was not in distress when I went in to see him. Klopin is the only drug that makes me feel better,he is taking that away. He is insisting I take this drug. I called him back after I got home and looked up the effects. He was a little angry, and told me just to take the drug. I "Do Not" want to be dropped from the VA system, That is all I have. So please give me some in put if you can. I t took me a while to come back, I really need this site and you people. I am very afraid to take this. Thank you so much Dave Cass

Inactive 13 Dec 2011

Hello David,

Luckily fo me I have not experienced any possible side effects from this medication, it also has helped me with my mood swings.

All the best,


David Cass 14 Dec 2011

Thanks meso, for your time. I am very afraid to take some of these drugs I have had a bad experience with others.. Thanks

Inactive 15 Dec 2011

You are welcome Dave.

Take care, free discount card

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