I would like to know how easy it is to attain this medication.And also if it is as effective in Methadone as in pain meds like vicoden and norcos? I am a methadone patient(off and on for the past ten years;now back on) and have been experiencing extreme constipation. I have not had a "normal" bowel movement in over three weeks. Nothing I have tried has even produced a small result! Not only are my abdominal muscles too weak from the methadone,but nothing I eat,like fruit and veggies,have any type of relief! I have tried all types of over the counter meds... such as "Corectol" brand laxatives and the ones not as strong,to even enemas. I do not have intestinal blockage other than what has yet to come out... sorry for the explicits! PLEASE reply to this! I am SO uncomfortable and fatigued due to this prolonged issue.And I am at my wits end! Even the doctor I see regularly is not willing to help me,or it seems,because she is biased against addicts... weather in recovery or not!