I have mononucleosis. Three weeks ago, after prolonged illness, dehydration and bed rest, I walked around. After a few minutes, I got dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, and my vision blacked out as well as my hearing. My parents didn't know what to do so they sat me down and held me upright. Blood kept draining from my head so I went unconsious. My parents said I was only out for about 20 seconds, and about halfway through my eyes rolled back into my head and my body started to slowly shake. When I woke up I was pale and had ringing in my ears, but I could walk around on my own and recovered fast. I wasn't confused and didn't bite my toungue or lose bowel control. I knew exactly what happened upon waking. They called 911 and I was rushed to hospital.

The doctors ran a whole bunch of blood tests and tests on my heart, all came back normal. They immediately said it wasn't a seizure, that body jerking happens when the body isn't laid down.

The sent me to a neurologist and he said it was TECHNICALLY a seizure due to the shaking, but he wasn't at all concerned. He checked my blood pressure upon standing and he said I have orthostatic hypotension and that I need to stay hydrated. He sent me to an EEG just as a precaution.

The technician told me that it all looked normal, and that I didn't have a seizure it was just fainting. The neurologist read my brain waves and called in saying it was normal.

But what does this mean? Does it mean that what happened WASN'T a seizure? I also read that 50% of people with seizure disorders get normals on their EEGS.

Any feedback would be great.