So I have already went through the horrible withdrawel symptoms of subutex. I went through the lack of energy, the restless legs, the runs. and by the 13th day I could no longer function. I have to go to work everyday. I really have to. I got some vic's from a friend and felt a lot better. but I thought it would help me with the side effects if I could control it. but I found myself wanting more. I have dropped the dose and I took 1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime. It helped my mood but I didn't get high. so , today I don't have any and pray that I can control my urge. I never took a pill in my life until I had surgery and loved the euphoria of vicodin. I didn't realize how addictive they really were. I can't do this anymore. I had restless leg last night but eventually got to sleep. I did buy the vitamins on the thomas recipe but I still think about the vic's all the time.
When does this feeling go away. It's like the need for food. This stuff is poison and should be banned. The doctors give it to you and then they stop and you are left alone.