i have abused opiates many times. always been hydros every time i stop i have very bad depression and anxity but goes away about a week or 2 after stoping my question i ask is that do others experiance the same depression and does it get beter in a few weeks. am just scared that this time i have messed my self up because it different than other times i used 150mg of tramadol for a week and then 40mg of hydros after the tramadols were gone and i was on the hydros for 2 weeks i know this is not that long at all many years ago i was on 80-120mg of hydro for over a year but even when i take theses things for just a week or 2 i have so bad depresion and anxity and this time a had one day of sweeting but no physical withdraw just the mental and no cravins just depression i cry all day this is day 3 of is this normal does it all ways get better or do you think i mesed my selef up for good please help and god blese anyone elese going thru this