To All members here who stuggle with addiction/and recovery, I have an assignment that may affect you as much as it did me. I am an avid follower of TMZ and I just saw the most amazing tribute to Amy Winehouse from the new singer of the Band, Sublime, named Rome. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck it was so poignant and put so much passion into it. Please go to and listen to it, will come up under Romemusica's channel, Amy Winehouse -Rehab ( Rome's Tribute) and Sublime Rehab. It devastates me when we lose a someone to addiction, and I am proud that someone else was affected by her sudden passing from this awful condition. Rome changed the lyrics just a bit but the message is that those of us that struggle are not alone, we have those who will cheer us on and love us anyway, and we have to stick with them. I don't think Amy understood all the counseling they gave her, it may have come off sounding like judgement instead of the help it could have brought. Anyway, support, prayer, understanding of your condition, meds, forgiveness and counseling are all tools to help us recover. I hope some of you do like this version of Rehab and let this guy know that you came to Youtube to see his version cuz you read about it on, seriously, it may help someone else who reads your comment. Rest In Peace Amy. And to my friends, have a better day, luv, Pattishan61