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Does subutex show up on drug screens?

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Inactive 1 Dec 2011

Only if they run a panel for bupenorphine, it WON'T show as an opiate tho, just bupenorphine. Angel, you still can test positive for previous opiates for 3 to 11 days after last dose of those. Patti

Inactive 1 Dec 2011

hey patti i am felling alittle better today. i stopped the klon added a vitamin and took only half a pill at a time.i was reading thors theads and it seems that he to is havg prob with generic subutex.i just know when i took that small imean small suboxone i felt totally dif i was dancing and was still in13 hr wd. idk im just takg one day at a are a life aver to take time out of ur day to respond to ppl like me. god bless you

Inactive 2 Dec 2011

Angel, like pot, benzos and methadone, subs and subutex tend to build in the fat layers and believe it or not, your brain is mainly fat. It you get too much in your system, like I suspect you did, you won't feel well and you will be foggy. It takes a few days for it to recede and you to feel back to normal but it WILL happen. I hope you re better now. My room mate is of course still in the hospital, he had major surgery and I work at a department store salon, so work is crazy busy. Hang in there. Patti free discount card

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