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Does suboxsin block other downers?

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Inactive 30 Aug 2010

Cam you please recheck the spelling of the medication?

There is no mediation by the name you gave.-

Thank you.-

Inactive 30 Aug 2010

Sorry about my spelling, just woke up, very dizzy from the meds I take.-

Take care

christineATU 30 Aug 2010

Hi Maso. I think the questioner means suboxone.

booter46 30 Aug 2010

I think he meant suboxone too now maso PHD work you magic and answer his question

Inactive 30 Aug 2010

Suboxone will block all other opiate based medications.

booter46 30 Aug 2010

good answer i was not sure if opiates were downers

subzero58 30 Aug 2010

morning dawn,taking any other drug when your on suboxone can be dangerous.the term "downers" by the way you used it im guessing,xanax,klonipin,valium and ativan are benzo's.these are all drugs that you should not be taking without your sub doc knowing about.before you take any drugs check them with your doctor or at the very least your pharmacist. subs are long lasting and the half life is one of the longest lasting opiates.and by downers if you mean barbs you should definitely stay away from them free discount card

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