Taking 30mg of methadone per day.
Over the past year, I have been having some severe abdomnal pain and very bad gas/craming. Almost debilitating IT hurts SOOO bad.
The gastroenterologist has done Ct-scans, xrays, and a colonoscopy.
Nothng he does helps except for the first time i took an anti-biotic called xifaxan has helped in the least. during the first 2 months after taking the xifaxan, i felt great for about two months. Now the xifxan doent work like it did the first time. And i am still hurting.
I was taking metadone for 5 years with no intestial pain, but the gastro-doctor cant find out whats going on so he is of course blaming it on the methadone.
How can methadone automatically start causing pain like this after over 5 years of use with no issues other than light constipation (normal methadone side effect).
I now use a half a dose of mirilax (no- stimulant, non- dependant) every day and there is no constipation whatsoever anymore.
I have simply never heard of anyone on methadone experienceing pain like this, but I am willing to try winging of of the methsdone to see if it actually helps. Probabaly wont help. but at least i can get my doctor to start looking past the

Does suboxone cause same/worse constipation as methadone.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I an in alot of pain but cant get proper help because as soon as a doctor finds out i take methadone, they immediatly label me and junkie looking to score.

Sometimes i wish i would have never even told my gastro doctor abuot the methadone. Maybe he would have found something by now