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Does strong cravings to smoke return after finishing the 12 week course of chantix?

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Rajive Goel 21 Jan 2012

It would depend upon the individual, 12 weeks is indeed a long time to be on therapy of Chantix, did you ever give up to smoke?

I gave up smoking after being off them for 7-9 days, the cravings did not come back after having smoked for over 35 years.

Take care, bets wishes!

asha44 22 Jan 2012

I smoked for the 1st 2 weeks on chantix, the 1st 3 days as usual, on the 4th day didnt really think about smoking much, smoked 3 or 4 per day for the nect 8 days and stopped completely on dec.26, I would have stopped before that but didnt want to go through Christmas stressing without cigarettes... 12 week treatment for chantix is the norm I believe, I have seen some people on here that did 4 months. are you saying that you only took it for 7-9 days??

Rajive Goel 22 Jan 2012

Yes, you need a stronger will power to quit smoking, take care, best wishes!

crazycrat 25 Jan 2012

This is my second time( day 9 ) using chantix, the first was about two years ago and was for 5 months :):):) mistake was telling myself I could control and have a one once and awhile BIG MISTAKE... lol I didnt have cravings at that point but your mind can get ya real quick with tricks so be careful of ones self lol and good luck free discount card

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