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Does St. John's Wort help with insomnia? Thanks?

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Inactive 3 Mar 2011

Hi xercisefreak,
St. John's wort did not help with my insomnia, but Melatonin did. It is natural and can be purchased at any pharmacy or supermarket.
Hope you get some ZZZZ's !!

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xercisefreak 3 Mar 2011

Hi sweetlemon,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Will have to try that one out. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Inactive 3 Mar 2011

Why coitainly xcersizefreak!!! Also, you can find Melatonin with Valerian Root mixed in the capsules, works great!

xercisefreak 4 Mar 2011

Really appreciate all this feedback. It's great to visit with you guys. I just bought some Celestial tea this morning with valerian root in it. Can't wait to try tonight. Thanks again!

madhattersbash 4 Mar 2011

St. John's Wort didn't work for me either. I now have a new "Functional Medicine" doctor who is treating ALL my auto-immune issues. He has put me on compounded DHEA in the mornings, and compounded Progesterone and (regular) Melatonin at night, before bed. These are to help me with my insomnia. It has only been a couple of weeks, so I don't know yet how well it is going to work! I have extreme neck and shoulder pain (cervical stenosis), and have been taking SOMA since 2006 as a muscle relaxant at bedtime.
It has a wonderful side effect of LETTING you sleep--without waking up groggy--- and I have been on the same dose all these years--without having to increase it. This is a very hard change-over, as these new items have nothing to do with helping my pain--- except that, if I can find a way to sleep naturally, maybe the pain will lessen, due to the rest and recovery my muscles will get! I am hoping for this, as I would like to get off as many of my meds as possible...
Good Luck to you!

xercisefreak 4 Mar 2011

Thank you for your feedback as well! Would rather try all natural alternatives to sleep, so all these suggestions are great. Will have to check in on you guys and check your progress. I hope you have success with your new treatments. Thanks again for responding!

marjorie zych 4 Mar 2011

St. John's Wort is mostly an anti-depressant. Melatonin works great for sleep and so does Remeron which is a prescription. Hope this helps you gets some sleep good luck, marjorie zych

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xercisefreak 4 Mar 2011

Thank you marjorie for your experience. Definitely will give the melatonin a try first. I have been really sad and not able to sleep either. Was hoping to find something that would help both problems. Thanks!

marjorie zych 4 Mar 2011

If you check on the Remero it may help both issues because Remeron is also an anti-depressant so that may help the other issue. Take care, marjorie zych

xercisefreak 4 Mar 2011

Thank you so much marjorie! Mine is stress related issues and I think is carrying over to sleep issues. Lots of anxiety lately. May have to try a prescription for something. Maybe my PCP can write me one or my OB/GYN. Thanks again and have a good one!

marjorie zych 4 Mar 2011

You are welcome my friend take care of yourself, marjorie zych free discount card

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