Possible interference with urination in patients with enlarged prostates is reported with Spiriva. I already have trouble urinating, and am concerned about this effect. What percentage of Spiriva users actually encounter this issue? My doctor says that she has no male Spiriva users, so cannot answer.
She did prescribe the medication in hopes that no problems will occur.

I use Advair, albuterol, and Singulair, and have heavy asthma that has had a bad flare for over a week. The doctor says that Spiriva may help, and may let me get off of Advair, which I cannot get via the VA for low co-payments. I think they may offer Spiriva. My Medicare insurance has hit the "donut hole" and I cannot afford Advair over the counter without that coverage. I need to decide whether I can risk using Spiriva, in view of my enlarged prostate giving reduced urinary ability. If the flow is reduced much further, I might have a medical crisis.

Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer.