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Does soma have acetameniphen in it?

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Marvell 16 Apr 2010

No, Soma does not have acetaminophen in it. It contains carisoprodol, which is a muscle relaxer that works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain.

Soma is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

leelee 16 Apr 2010

No it doesn't have it in it... but please please please beware when useing this drug.It nearly killed me on 3 seperate occasions.The last time,I just fell completely,stiffly backwards in the middle of the grocery store.AlI rememeber was,I was about reach down to get a gallon of milk and I woke up (after being on a life flight helicopter) to another town where the hospital was better.This medicine will drop your blood pressure like crazy.You will take one pill,and think"nahh,this isn't working"... then take another one ot 2 and wait,wait,wait... and you feel like nothing is happening... but then ALL of A SUDDEN it drops your heart rate & blood pressure to near death.
That was just the last time I took Soma's.I had two prior near O.D.'s whilew my daughter was only 7.Had she not called 911,I would be dead because of Soma's.She's 22 years old now and will neverr forget how crazy I was acting before she called 911.

HarryTucker 17 Apr 2010

Soma does not have acetaminophen in it. It is a very effective and very safe medication if taken AS DIRECTED. Soma has acquired a bad rep because people have abused it by taking more than directed. If you don't feel that it is working, you should contact your doctor, NOT take more. Many prescription medications will have undesired or dangerous effects if you take more than you are instructed to take.

Good Luck,
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