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Does Soma cause memory loose?

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neferteri1 13 Feb 2012

I have been on Soma for over 8 years and my memory is great. However, I am now tapering off of it and the withdrawals are very bad. Now, coming off of it, I am having some brain freezes but they don't last long. How long have you been on it or intend to be on it? I did not know it was addictive when it was prescribed for me years ago... I never took more than recommended, etc. If you are getting off of it, it can affect your memory. If you are not on it, don't start unless you plan to be on it the rest of your life. Hope this helps you!

pugmax 13 Feb 2012

Thank you for taking the time to let me know about Soma. I have been on it for several years now. My doctor told me it could become hard to come off of. It does help with controlling my pain. But I have been having some memory fog at times. Also I have gained several lbs. while on it. As soon as I began it I was starving. No matter what I ate I was still hungry. I want to get this extra weight off of me so I thought I'd get off Soma and possible try other med.

DzooBaby 13 Feb 2012

I ALWAYS look up each and every medication that is given to me or my family so that I know exactly what I am taking and what it could do. Try not to be too scared of side effects because some people never have any but be aware that they are possible. There are many drugs that can cause dependency. Soma is one that can cause dependency.

DzooBaby 13 Feb 2012

Soma can cause memory loss in some people. It can cause drowsiness, dizziness, vertigo, difficulty with balance, agitation, irritability, headache, depressive reactions, insomnia, fainting, fast heart rate, facial flushing, nausea, vomiting, hiccups, itching rash, and confusion in some too.You should avoid alcohol and other CNS dperessants while taking Soma, also some cold meds will make the drowsiness more pronounced. Drowsiness usually gets better after you are on it for a while.

madhattersbash 14 Feb 2012

Hello: I am also one of the lucky ones who has never had a problem with Soma--and I have been taking the same dose since 2006. I tried a lot of pain meds, and nothing worked--it was like eating candy...
Soma has been a life saver for me. It was prescribed by a Sports Med doctor for my extreme chronic neck and shoulder pain, which is supposedly caused by cervical stenosis. I take it only at bed time, as it LETS me sleep--not MAKES me sleep, and I wake up clear headed--something that the regular sleep meds never did (plus, they would not work after a couple of weeks, without upping the dose!).
You do have to be careful if you take them during the day--until you get used to them, as they can make you drowsy, etc.
I think Soma is a godsend, as it is the ONLY med that has ever worked for my pain.

pugmax 14 Feb 2012

madhatterbash, Thank you for answering my question on Soma. I also have had good luck with it controlling my pain. I use it as a break through med, I also have a morphine pump in my spine. It drips all the time but when we try to go out , be a little active the pain gets out of control. That is why my doctor put me on Soma.
He explained all of the side affects and possible addition . Also that it is hard to come off of . My only real complaint is it has given me a terrible hunger problem. Have gained fifty lbs since i went on it. I also take as directed, I at times possible do not take enough as prescribed, my injury is a back injury. It is over twenty years old, so my pain path is already set and cannot be undone. I am very up on all of my meds because I was told it is "forever". So I need to be able to take what ever the doctors prescribe for me as instruction. It is helping me but just concerns me about coming off it.

madhattersbash 14 Feb 2012

Hi: I have always found that many of the 'old timers' here are the best at answering questions you may have. This is the only sight I am active on right now, as I really don't have much 'spare' time to read emails...
There is another site called Patients Like Me that you could try--but I haven't asked any questions on it yet, so really can't tell you much about it.
Have you joined the individual Groups on this site that pertain to your problems and issues?
Yes, I'd like to keep in touch also--- just know that sometimes I am not able to be online for a couple of days at a time--- so please don't take it personally.
Again, best wishes to you,
Mary, the madhatter.

Inactive 14 Feb 2012

Pugmas, I would like to answer your question about the groups etc... Join the group on pain, backpain, muslcespasm, muscle, muscle pain, muscle twitching, nerves,sciatica, degenerative joint disease, & drug dependance. These groups have a lot of people just like yourself, & are a wealth of info about what helps or doesn't for your problem.I too have this type of back pain from a failed back surgery. I joined this stie a little over a year ago, & not only found lots of info, but also a lot of friends. When you try to answer a question of someone else, you are given the option of joining that group pretaining to what the qestion was about. You need to go back to your profile & add the support groups to your profile. free discount card

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