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Does savella work immediately?

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Rajive Goel 24 Jun 2010

Savella is absorbed following oral administration with maximum concentrations (Cmax) reached within 2 to 4 hours post dose. Absorption of Savella is not affected by food. The absolute bioavailability is approximately 85% to 90%.

Lil Stevie 29 Jun 2010

In the FWIW department i saw this the other day "A letter Wednesday from Public Citizen calls on the Food and Drug Administration to pull Savella off the market, almost exactly a year after it was cleared to treat fibromyalgia"

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I havent followed this drug at all but I would think it would be prudent to investigate it a little, I know I would b4 i took it. I have heard from friends that they have had good sucess with Lyrica. Again I can't comment personally as this is one of those rare cases where I have not used this particular medicine. Hope you find the relief that you need.

susanaldridge 29 Jun 2010

I took Lyrica last year for 6 weeks and it caused me to gain 20 lbs. in that amount of time and didn't even give me relief... that is why I am willing to try Savella. My relief has been amazing ;)

susanaldridge 29 Jun 2010

It started working within (2) weeks after I started taking it. I have been taking it for (2) months now and I have had amazing results. free discount card

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