I ask a question about Elavil awhile back and if I should try it. I talk to my Dr. about it and he put me on Remeron which is in the same family as Elavil. Ive not taken it yet out of fear of reactions Ive had from the other 7 AD's Ive been on. Has anyone taken Remeron for anxiety disorders/panic attacks/depression??? Im at my wits end with trying all this meds, and suffering through this for going on 2 yrs now!! HELP!!! 2009-2010 were very hard for me, and now so far, 2011 isnt looking much better!!! Im tired of being tired, Im tired of being anxious, scared out of my mind, tired of waking up each day and my thoughts going directly straight to death, either of someone close to me or myself. Wondering "Will I die today?" I really cant just do this anymore. Im not suicidal at all, just the opposite. I WANT to live, but I feel like Im not until all this craziness gets under control. Im too scared to try to live.