I've been on nightshift for a couple months now (5:00PM to 3:30AM Sometimes 5:30AM or later) but I just got off work and had a couple of near misses tonight. My Dr prescribed provigil but insurance isnt working out and I need prior authorization... 763.00 for 30 day supply is out of my price range. Anyway will this medication help with paying attention to what I'm doing? I know a lot of my lack of focus has to do with sleepiness. I just lack the drive I had on dayshift and when I'm tired/groggy I can be a bit of a hot head. I'm trying to find solutions for the problem but I wanted to get some feedback from people with experience because like myself no one I've spoken to has even heard of it. My main priority is safety, I have a family and everybody I work with wants to get home safely. Working in a fab shop has many potentially fatal risks involved and being a leadman I cant afford for someone to get hurt or killed because my circadian rhythm is screwed up. Thanks everyone for the help.