it's really important. i have pectus caranatum and i can't tell if my heart is causing me pain or if it's just the normal chest pain from pectus being aggravated? i am on ritalin and i got perscribed promethazine w/ codeine for an ongoing cough. my chest hurts real bad it feels like my left up chest is on fire and like my heart and lungs are being squeezed intensley, i need to drink some of this medicine to stop my cough so i can sleep but i'm scared cuz i read that it speeds up your heart rate and i know that ritalin does as weel, i don't wanna overdue it just because the doctor isn't as observant of all of my conditions as he should be. i'd appreciate any info on any of these things. also if anyone know anything about pectus caranatum or escavatum i need to figure out what to do because it causes me a lot of pain 24/7 and i've seen like 20 doctors just this past year and every single one gives just give me antiinflammatories and tells me to go running (which i do) but nothing helps and after a couple visits they just refer me on to someone else and then ... repeat, refer, repeat ,refer... i can't even live my life because the chest pain is overwhelmingly intense and i can't stop worrying and researching and i can't ever stay in a single position for more than a minute (a minute if i'm lucky) cuz i'm always wiggles around and twisting and holding my chest just trying to alleviate some of the pressure. ... the best way i can describe the pectus pain is by saying: imagine this -if you were laying down and a full grown man had a foot on your chest with all his weight on it and also it feels like someone has their hand around my heart squeezing it... but i feel like this 24/7 all day every day. i can't barely take being in constant pain. none the less, if anything else comes up that even slightly causes pain i start wishing i was dead, even a headache or hitting my foot just kills me . it would be sooo easy just to go get some painkillers off the street to help with the pain but i push myself day by day to hope that one of these doctors will eventually be able to fix it so i won't need medicine for pain... but i don't know how much longer i can take it before i say f&*k it and start buying painkillers from friends to help. any suggestion comments,questions, advice, or anything that you guys have, please let me know. doctors wont help, friends are tired of me complaining. everyone thinks i'm just looking for drugs. but i am looking to get this fixed and if that is not possible, then yeah, i do plan on getting pain medicine, but really, i'm not just looking to high, i want to feel something besides the pain and and stress that plagues me.
thanks ( and if you really read that whole thing with incomplete runon back and forth sporadic points and sentences, then really: thank you)
happy easter america