I am on many other medications that cause weight gain. I have gained 15 lbs in the last 8 months mostly from Geodon and probablly Effexor too. My self -esteem is in the toilet. None of my clothes fit. And wearing clothes that pinch at you all day to remind you your fat is no party. Especially when you have an Eating Disorder who is in remission, or like myself or those who are very mindful of there weight and how you body looks and feels. I just started Pristiq 3 days ago and I pray to God, it doesn't do crazy happenings with my metabolic system. I am tired of starving myself because if I eat like a semi-normal person i gain weight. My eating disorder has been in remission for many, many years and these drugs no matter what you do make you gain and bring out my Ugly Eating disorder symptoms to the forefront.I hope Pristiq is the answer to my major Depression and normalizes appetite.. I am constantly restricting my food all the time. If I didn't I"d gain the 40 lbs back that I put on 8 months ago on depalkote. I was devasated. I couldn't even leave the house. I was at complete disgust with myself and life I never was over weight in my life.Today I just to look some what normal with a big belly that has to go!! It can be mind bending to be restricting your food and the scale keeps
moving upward..There is episodic bringing too. I stopped taking Geodon(the a-typical anti-psychotics) which is the biggest weight gain culprit and increases your appetite. I need my body signals to be accurate and not hunger induced by a drug when your body isn't even hungry. I feel like i deserve to know what is happening to my body and be educated before the Doctor hands you over the samples to try.They should know EVERYthing about the new drug they are giving you.And make sure they give you the time to ask questions. That is my tale of frustration even in a dark depressive episode. i am hoping it works, if not there always something new out and one to follow brewing in the pot.

thank you for letting me vent. thank you for listening. I hope I made you feel less alone, more understood, and know there is always a ray of light even in the darkness of frustation or despair. Bellieve and never ever give up hope!