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Does prenatabs fa helps a woman get pregnant faster?

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DzooBaby 31 Jan 2012

No, unfortunately, they have no effect on the ability to get pregnant faster or otherwise. They are basically just vitamins for women who are pregnant so that they get all the vitamins and minerals necessary to a growing fetus. They certainly wont hurt you to take them if you are trying to get pregnant. You want to be in the healthiest shape you can while trying to conceive and having the proper nutrients is a good start but it wont make you get pregnant faster to take them. A woman can only get pregnant when an egg is released by the ovaries and sperm is there to fertilize it. If you want to help get yourself pregnant, you need to know when you ovulate and to have lots of sex during those fertile days. You can purchase kits that help you predict ovulation or you can take your temperature and look for the elevation of temp that often accompanies ovulation or you can check the cervical mucus to predict ovulation. You have to be comfortable with your body to check cervical mucus. Normally a womans secretions are a cloudyish white or milky in appearance when inserting a finger or two deep into the vagina. When a woman ovulates the secretions look and have a consistency of uncooked egg whites-clear and viscous. When you see this kind of secretion, then you are your most fertile and should engage in regular sex during those few days. Good Luck! free discount card

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