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Does Pred Forte contain any kind of narcotic? Does it work on eye inflamation?

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Rajive Goel 23 Aug 2011

Pred Forte Drops are an ophthalmic corticosteroid.

Treating inflammation of the eyes and eyelids due to certain conditions. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by the doctor.

Hope the info helped?

caringsonbj 23 Aug 2011

Rajive~hope it's been a good day Billy

Rajive Goel 23 Aug 2011

Thanks, Billy, so far so good... busy & hectic, you too have a nice day ahead - Rajive

caringsonbj 23 Aug 2011

Dear Screaming:
Pred forte is an eye drop that I have used due to a severe bout of inflammation it is as Rajive said it's not a narcotic it contains a steriod, this is strong and it should help I know it is a painful situation, you might also try using a cold white cloth inbetween times for your drops and wet it in cold water and just put it on over your eyes I know the doctor suggested this but one thing be sure you do not do is rub the eyes, I had it to where sometimes it would itch and then burn and hurt. Be sure and follow the doctors dose instructions my eye doctor gave them to me and had me gradually reduce the drops but every body is different I just want you to be on the safe side and I hope you get relief soon and again I wish you the very best. free discount card

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