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Does pot really help with back pain?

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brenda fain 15 Mar 2011

it helps calm you and relax you and this helps with any kind of pain!i know it opens a can of worms and no i don't use pot ,but i think it should be legal it grows on it's own and nothing has to be added to it ,to give the relaxing calming affect !and it helps cancer patients eat and rest well!

but as with any thing (meds)it can be missed used !if people use it for the medicial side and not the high then i think it's ok!

and i know it is said to burn up your brain cells but look what beer ect.does to our bodies yet it's legal.i don't see pot or smoking ,taking out a whole family ,when bad judgement puts the drinker behind the wheel!yes second hand smoke causes problems but i can always leave a room if it's bothering me .but i don't know who is drinking in the cars around me to get off the roads !

kaffea 16 Mar 2011

Thanks Brenda ,, I agree My son has been telling me to try it for some time so im still unsure but im seriously considering it .I cant seem to get the right pain meds for my body. Yesterday it was cold and raining and i felt everybit of it .but thanks again for your comment kaffea

Inactive 15 Mar 2011

I agree with Brenda! I don't personally use it, but my son does, because it helps with his back pain. He has Spina Bifida, had plates & screws etc... but hasn't helped. He's 44 by the way, so can do as he pleases. I wish Illinois had passed it to legalize, but they voted it down. All I can get for pain from the pain center is Methadone, which I hate! Good luck to you with your pain.

kaffea 16 Mar 2011

Thanks Mary... Im curious how long his releif is and how much is needed Im just so desperate for releif..meds arent helping much Thanks again

brenda fain 17 Mar 2011

mary want they at least give you something like tabs ,oxy's or perc's or maybe a patch for your pain !i hate to know that meth is all your getting it didn't touch my pain!

Inactive 17 Mar 2011

Brenda, no they do not give 4 to 6 hour pain pills period! Said they were being watched by the Feds too close. I tried Fentanyl patch & it made me sicker than a dog. They tried to put me on Embeda & I was allergic. Then they wanted me to try MS Contin, but it's also morphine time released, & I wasn't about to die trying morphine again. Then they said I had no other choice than the Methadone. This all started 13 years ago when I had what they thought was liver problems, & some dumb liver doctor said it was because of Vicodin. Well, it wasn't & surgery to my common bile duct fixed that problem. That's how I ended up on Methadone in the first place. I made an appointment with my regular doctor for tomorrow to see if he will take over my pain control again, & westward ho to the Pain clinic! He at least gave me Vicodin. And Percocet helps me too. We have some crazy rules here. That's another reason for my son using pot.

Inactive 17 Mar 2011

I forgot to add that last month the pain center dropped me from 50 to 20 mg of Methadone because I made the mistake of telling them it made me so sleepy I was literally falling alsleep at red lights. Won't ever make that mistake again. I was just trying to get off of it. It doesn't help my pain.

brenda fain 17 Mar 2011

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