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Does oxycontin or endocet show up posative in a drug test?

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DzooBaby 31 Aug 2011

Yes, it could. OxyContin and Endocet both contain the opiate oxycodone. OxyContin is time release oxycodone and Endocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen and is an immediate release formulation. If the test is for just opiates they may not show up since they are derived from thebaine not morphine but if they test specifically for oxycodone or thebaine derivatives then they will show up positive. It depends on the test and who is testing. Some tests only test for morphine derived opiates but many are now also testing for oxycodone or thebaine as well.

Cleveland3690 1 Oct 2011

Yes, oxycontin will show up on a drug test as a opiate im not familiar with the other drug, but if u are not prescribed oxycontin than they could think u are using any opiates such as heroin. My suggestion is to just stay away from oxycontin it is very addictive & can destroy your life or even worse put u six feet under. Good luck to ya & God bless free discount card

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