When I visited the physician's office (my doc was not in today), I discussed some different drugs that would control my severe chronic pain. Methadone 25 mg a day controlled the pain. However there is such a negative stigma when it comes to Methadone. Whenever I have to go to any type of specialist, I feel like they see me as some type heroin addict. I have never taken any recreational drugs. I was never exposed to any type of illegal substances. It could be that my husband & I married while I was a senior in high school. lol :) I even report to my doctor if I have to take only 1 extra 5 mg in a month of whatever I am using to control my pain.

Okay, now to my question. I explained to the doc that 20 mgoxycodonee was not touching the pain. 10 mg will last approximately 3 ½ hours. We discussed options. One statement he madeisoxycodoneee didn't come in 10mg dose. I don'twant percocett because of the Tylenoll that is in it. I have to much bile from my liver in my stomach. I didn't wantOxycontinn because I took it one month & it made me feel good. That is not what I am looking for. I just want something to dull my pain so that I can function. Is there a reason why a prescription could not be wrote "take 2 (5mg) tablets 4 times a day? After a lengthy conversation, we opted to try Opana ER 10 mg twice a day. I go back in two weeks to follow up on how it is controlling my pain. The reason I ask the question aboutoxycodonee is because I can get it for $7 a month while the Opana ER is $40 a month & of course there is the $30 co-pay each month for doc office visit. That would not be so bad if that was the only medicine I had to take. However, when you take 2 different medicines for your severe chronic gastritis, 2 different allergy drugs, high blood pressure drug & cholesterol drug. Then there are the as needed drugs such as meclizine for vertigo, promethazine for nausea, & 2 anti- depressants. I am weaning off the neurotin, so that I can see if it is actually is helping the nerve pain & a muscle relaxer if my back & leg muscles have severe spasms. So as you see I am in the boat with a lot of people. I spend more on medical than I do food for a month. Any comments will greatly be appreciated.